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Bannikin is a Toronto - based niche travel and tourism group specializing in enhancing the business of small operators, emerging destinations and hotel properties. Our clients excel at delivering top-notch, unique travel experiences but often have limited resources to grow their business. Bannikin identifies and implements product development, business development, marketing and public relations solutions. In short we provide to a smaller tourism operation what a large operator has in abundance: highly skilled support. 

Bannikin is built on the love for travel, and the great respect of small entrepreneurs who provide the utmost travel experiences in the wildest parts of the planet. In a worn-out, dog-eared copy of the Newfoundland dictionary somewhere, you would discover that Bannikin means simply “small tin cup.” But to us it represents experiencing travel in a real way, with a local perspective. 

Coming from all levels of the industry, we know what needs to come together to turn travel company into the travel company, and a place into a destination.